The aromas that float in the air influence our well being especially in the moment we decide whether to make a purchase or not.

Which of the 5 senses does your brand appeal to? Companies use colors to define their logo and corporate image, some add music or sound to differentiate themselves even more.

But what about the most powerful of senses, namely smell? Scientific studiesshow how our sense of smell directly influences our emotions and perceptions of time and space.

Todays consumer no longer chooses a product based solely on the equation cost versus quality. The entire shopping experience can influence his decision to purchase.  (spontaneous purchases )

What is aroma marketing?

Aroma marketing, which forms part of sensory marketing, is an invisible strategy perceived through the sense of smell, appealing to our emotions and intellect.

When we perceive a pleasant aroma we start to breath deeply, we relax and take on a positive attitude.

Why not add positive sensations to the shopping experience of your customers by adding the perfect smell.


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