We specialize in creating Aroma marketing strategies:

Our work is based on scientific investigations and practical cases.  The investigations in Neuromarketing ( the study of the effects  that advertising has on the brain and the influence there-of )  and the practical cases in Aromachology (study of the influence  that smell has on the human behavior) serve as a base for olfactory marketing. With this knowledge we are able to develop aroma marketing strategies that include the creation of corporate aromas as well as the mode of application. We work closely together with one of the best perfume companies in Spain. With their help we are able to offer personalized  solutions and one to one  attention.



What does your brand smell like?

One of the factors that influences the success of your business is the recognition of your brand. Studies have shown that we tend to recall only 5 % of what we see but 35% of what we smell. Which brand will we recall this year? In today’s world, brands need to remain innovative in order to be remembered. Just imagine the potential of how your brands “aroma “can increase your brand recognition and at the same time differentiate you from your competitors.

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